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Jeff Balmert has been a professional voice over artist for 10 years and has lent his voice to a wide variety of local and national productions.

While attending graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, it was an improvisational acting class that inspired him to pursue work in the voice over field, and it remains a true passion of his to this day.

Whatever voice that you may be looking for, Jeff is ready to work with you to create the highest quality voice over experience.


Jeff offers a full range of voiceover services and recording options from his professional recording studio, and has recorded in many other studio settings as well.

His voice over studio has been engineered to produce the highest quality audio assets in a short turn around time.

He is extremely experienced in video and audio editing and uses a wide variety of software tools to deliver you the best quality products.


Jeff is also the co-founder, of White Ball Productions where he works with actors, and production crews to produce films and voice over projects.

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